Friday, November 22, 2013

Sexist preaching

If it wasn't my very sweet, sensitive and well-meaning aunt who posted this atrocious image on Facebook, I would have blasted it there. But since I didn't want to hurt her feelings, I'll vent here. 

While I would agree with this statement in the context I would use it in, I'm fairly certain I don't agree in the context it is meant. But that aside, the blatant sexism in this meme infuriates me. It's dangerous to our souls - and to society in general - to continue equating "feminine" with "Evil" as this clearly patriarchal image does. Why would they not show a donut? Or a bowl of candy? Or if making the point really requires something so very blatant, a MAN's sugar-coated mouth? After all, most preachers are still men. While the written words may make a different statement, the clear concept here is that women = sex = temptation = evil. SO pathetic. I'm sick of it.

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