Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Scouts! Yikes!

So the boys have been wanting to join Cub Scouts for a while now. We have a troop that meets very locally, and several of their schoolmates are in it. Tonight we got our application approved, and I'm pretty excited. I hope it helps us to build some good strong ties in the community. The acting leader of the troop knows our church and is a member of the "sister" church with whom we participated in an outdoor Pan-Orthodox service the last two spring seasons. It's a small world, in a good way.

My sisters and I have been talking about moving plans if my parents sell their house. I'm very worried because we can't afford to stay in the district, and I hate the prospect of leaving it just when we are starting to put real roots down. I need people I can feel connected to. I feel like I've been floating out there alone on a life raft my whole life, and now that it's finally changing, I'm getting shifted to another ocean. I desperately want to stay in the district. It's hard to get motivated to look for any other alternative. I can apply for low-income housing, but the approval might take a while and it's only available in the next district. Still, we'd be close enough to keep in touch here. More and more I feel drawn to that option.

This is the last semester for my Associate's Degree, and it's not going easy. I'm really liking the course in Social Welfare Policy, and thinking I may go in a policy research/analysis direction with my Bachelor's rather than a casework direction. The ASL club has been going much better, and I'm starting to feel confident that it will continue after I graduate. We have new officers who are very committed and involved. The workload is really heavy, though. I feel like I can't even afford the time it takes to drive places sometimes. But I'm taking my favorite course of all, and that helps. Earth and Space Science. I love it. I've always been fascinated by geology. If travel wasn't an issue, I'd aim to be a geologist.