Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"She's MY Cousin!!"

So, my sister from OK came out to visit with her kids the same time I started work. She's been staying with us at my parent's house for a month, and this morning they left for home. The Princess is not pleased. In spite of the trouble she has putting up with her same-age cousin, and the typical toddler sharing issues, she was furious when she learned their dad was coming to take them home. She refused to say goodbye this morning, no doubt feeling that to do so would imply consent to their leaving.

It hasn't been the easiest month for any of us, but family is worth more than sleep - sometimes, and in brief doses. Lol. I think we adults are all feeling bittersweet about the parting, and some of the kids as well. For Little Bear and the Princess, it's mostly just bitter. They are going to miss their same-age cousins terribly. For the kids going home, I expect they are mostly excited to be headed back to their familiar beds and toys and house and yard. At least they did get to experience one really good snow while they were here. I'm told that Oklahoma runs more to ice. Blech.

But soon spring will be along to invigorate us all and hopefully drive away the blues for a little while. And I finally set up Skype on the Kindle so we can chat. I've been needing to do that for a while. It's amazing how much more relaxed I feel at work than I did in school. We will be moving into the upstairs apartment next week, in anticipation of my parents moving, and I am very much looking forward to having my own cooking and bedtime schedule. I know things will be much easier for us all. The only source of anxiety right now is my upcoming car inspection and my concerns about the repair costs.

We had 3 scout meetings in a row canceled due to weather, plus last month's committee meeting, but that should be over for a while as well. I'm looking forward to spring. This year is going to bring good things.