Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Fall Semester

So, this was my first week of classes in a regular (non-accelerated) semester. The nice quiet college campus is suddenly flooded. My classes are significantly larger than the previous ones, 3-4 times larger. Well, except for ASL. I'm taking the second level this Fall, and not many students go beyond Level One. Our professor couldn't be here for the first class, because she broke her leg in Greece and they wouldn't let her leave the hospital in time. I feel bad for her. She's a very energetic lady and I'm sure it will gall her to have her mobility hampered. So we will have a sub temporarily.

This semester I decided to take all my classes at the campus and put the Princess in daycare 5 days a week, with the idea that I will be able to do all my schooling there and be present and unencumbered when I'm here. I think it will work out well. I'm waiting until next month to start Work Study, because my sister is having another baby and my Mom will be out there helping her for part of this month. That means I need to be home more to help with my Grandmother's care. I'm hoping the transmission in the old Jeep I'm driving holds up until I can get the money for a new car; it's not doing well and cold weather will probably end its sputtering life.

The IRS approved my claim for Innocent Spouse Relief several months ago, but have still managed not to actually refund any of the money yet. They cleverly avoid giving any concrete time frame, but always fall back on the idea of "90 days" or "8-12 weeks." There have been two sets of those so far, with excuses at the end for why that particular 90 days didn't actually mean the money would be refunded by then, just that the next step in the process would be taking place. Ugh. I'm very annoyed that they deceived me into thinking it would come last month, because in anticipation of that I rejected the unsubsidized Federal Student Loans I was eligible for, which I could have used to put a down payment on a car that runs well and doesn't cost $0.33 per mile in fuel to drive. The subsidized loan I need for ordinary day-to-day expenses.

My ex is in psychiatric care again, this time in another city. I would like to hope this time there will be some sort of breakthrough, but statistics say it's highly unlikely. The boys are still asking when he will come back to live with us again. Meanwhile he's leaving messages implying he will soon commit suicide and trying to tell me about his latest plan for leaving money to the kids. I don't believe it will ever happen - the suicide or the money. He's just desperate to keep me involved. I won't tell him that, however, because I don't want him to perceive it as a dare. I hope he doesn't kill himself; I just can't waste any more time worrying about whether or not he's going to. I gave 12 years of my life exclusively to him, counting the time we lived together before our wedding, and I don't have any more to give. He only takes away from us, and that's all he has ever done. At no point since our marriage was I better off with him than I would have been on my own. On the contrary, I was much worse off. So he can find another shoulder to cry on now, while he steals from the pocket below it, and I wish that person luck. They'll need it.

I plan to start an exercise program at the Y this fall too. I really need to stretch more and tone my back muscles with all this sitting. And I need the interaction. So I'll be looking into that tomorrow.

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